Hazelnuts as part of Ferrero’s roots

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The hazelnut tree thrives in the Mediterranean area, mainly in Turkey in the Black Sea region, but also in Italy, especially in the central regions of Lazio and Campania. In Italy there is also another place famous for its hazelnuts: the Langhe region in Piedmont where Nutella® was created. In fact, the Nutella® story actually started with hazelnuts, along with Ferrero’s expertise and tradition with this fruit.

We buy only raw, shelled, whole hazelnuts from the last available harvest.
Once in the factories, before the roasting process, we carry out quality checks once again to make sure that all selected hazelnuts meet our stringent standards.
Every day, groups of internal panellists in our laboratories ensure that the taste, the aroma and the texture are optimal in each stage of the process, in order to guarantee excellent product quality for our consumers.

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